No-Pay MBA

About this course

Build the business education you desire without going into debt.

This course uses blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content, often online using MOOCs, outside of the classroom. Students watch online lectures, collaborate in online discussions, carry out research at home and then once a week engage in concepts in the classroom with the guidance of a mentor. The main components of the course are MOOCs, self-directed learning, peer-learning & peer-support, portfolio of evidence (NQF 8) and the pursuit of an Affordable, World-Class Business Education.

Main Convener : Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan is one of South Africa's leading innovators in the field of executive development. As co-designer of UCT’s Graduate School of Business' pioneering Executive MBA and one of its graduates. Ryan is constantly pushing the boundaries of management education and development. He has an acute sense of the complex challenges that business executives face - particularly in the transitional economy context in which South Africa exists - and has developed a learning approach that equips them to deal with these challenges head on. Ryan was the Director for the Executive MBA Programme and GSB Academic Director for few years. Ryan has a MInd Admin and BSc from UCT and is also the former Director of the UCT School of Engineering Management. He consults extensively to a number of corporates in South Africa in the fields of strategic planning and scenario thinking.

Tom Ryan | CV

Inspired by Laurie Pickard’s journey

In 2013, Laurie began a public quest to use massive open online courses (MOOCs) to put together her own version of an MBA. She needed a business education to move forward in her career, but after researching the options, she was unconvinced that an investment of all her life savings in a traditional MBA would pay off.

When she learned about the existence of free online courses from the world’s top universities, she thought there might be another way to get the business education she desired, at a fraction of the price. She created a website to document her journey and so that others could learn from her experience.

No-Pay MBA | Website

Laurie stated; "The curriculum of Life Choices No-Pay MBA is outstanding, comparable to the education you would get at any major business school. Even more valuable, having the support and guidance of a community of other learners and professionals is something I felt could have added much value to my own No Pay MBA journey.

There is a potential for dedicated learners to get outstanding value out of this program, far beyond what they could get with a traditional MBA program.”