The Most Important Job Skill of the Future

Do you want a 21st century skill that can give you access to a decent income? Do you like technology?

Why Coding

  • Job opportunities (coding is useful across multiple industries)
  • Job stability (future orientated)
  • Flexible learning path (you learn by doing)
  • Potential high earnings

Career Paths

  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Backend Developer
  • App and Software Developer

Salary Expectations

From R6,500 to R30,000 per month (relative to level of experience).

Coding might be for you! Six months full-time coding course plus six months paid internship

You will learn coding, design thinking and undergo professional development to prepare you for the working world.

Learning modern web languages

Chance to develop future orientated skills (emerging opportunities)

Gain Confidence

Gain confidence in being able to assess problems and design solutions.

Team Work

Learn how to work cohesively in a team and get pracice with the tools used in the professional industry.

Marketable Skills

Relevant technical skills for the 21st century.

Problem Solving

Learn critical and abstract thinking to address relevant issues.

Social Awareness

Use web skills as a means for social impact.