Miskah Reisenberg

Miskah Reisenberg

Read how Life Choices helped Miskah to turn her life around, she is now looking forward to starting her career in fashion.

"I found out about Life Choices from a friend. My friend gave me a pretty good idea as to what the program is about. She told me it is about how to deal with family issues more positiviely. So I then made the wise decision to join Family Affairs and learn more.

My life was very stressful. I have a medical condition that prevents me from working and I also have a daughter who often gets sick. I always worried about how I am going to pay for the bills and how I am going to get a job to provide for my family. I always put my family first and I never used to have time to focus on myself.

The Life Choices intervention changed my life. After having the space to deal with my emotional issues I decided to turn my life around. I am now a positive, relaxed and focused person. I used to look at life negatively with too much to sort out at once but now it is much easier to face the challenges step by step. I still face the same challenges but now I can cope with them better and more positively knowing that I am doing the best I can. 


 I have plans to succeed in life. I want to become a fashion designer one day as I am very creative with my hands. If all goes well I would love to join arts and crafts workshops to learn more but also to pass on my knowledge to others. I have so many friends now that I am part of the support group and this helps me to continue staying positive in life. I would not be this rejuvenated if I had not joined Life Choices."